Malaysia Higher Education Fair - China 2006

Themed "Malaysia - Your Destination for Success", Malaysia Higher Education Fair - China 2006 is to be led by the honorable Minister of Higher Education, Malaysia, YB Dato' Mustapa bin Mohamed. It features an interactive platform to be kicked start in three populous cities of china, including Xian, Chongqing and Chengdu which are located in central, southwest and northwest of China. These are time-honored cities highly regarded by the Chinese Government as the beachhead for the further development of the central and western parts of the country. They comprise high number of well-to-do families which are willing to send their children overseas for quality education.

Thus, Malaysia Higher Education Fair - China 2006 is timely held to serve as a gateway to attract students from China, especially to coincide with the Chinese academic year-end in June whereby flocks of school leavers will be seriously seeking advices and enrolment into tertiary institutions.

Government Aiming for Foreign Tertiary Enrolment

Under the 9th Malaysia Plan, the Government sets to promote and export higher education through more strategic marketing and branding of education products in order to attract a target of 100,000 foreign students at all levels by 2010. A total of RM4.1 billion will be allocated to implement various education and training programs in order to make a comprehensive improvement of the education, training lifelong learning delivery system.

Education Market in China

The demand for higher education, technical training and language learning in China is huge, making it multi-billion marketplace. The reasons are as follows:

  • In the traditional Chinese view, a good education for children is the first priority for a family.
  • "One family, One child" policy in China leaves parents with strong desire to help their only child in getting a better education.
  • Rapid economic development drives demands for manpower that are well educated and suitably trained.
  • Large population induces fierce competition for the chance of higher education.
  • Increased living standard in China makes overseas education more affordable.
Objectives & Mission

The Objectives

  • To work towards the Government's objective in attracting more foreign students to study in Malaysia.
  • To aggressively promote Malaysia as a premium destination for higher education in Asia.
  • to provide an interactive platform to showcase and promote the educational institutions of Malaysia
  • to benchmark for excellence in quality education
  • To fully capitalize on the exponential growth of education market in china.

The Mission

  • To increase foreign student intakes.
  • To promote direct marketing by contacting the target group in person.
  • To gain a broader and more precise perspective on the development and key trends ot the China education market in order to become more responsive to their needs and requirements.
  • To widen exposure in the populous cities of china for brand building.
  • To forge and establish network with the Chinese local authorities and media.
Participation & Target

The Participation

Leading education institutions which are registered with the China Authority are invited to exhibit in the Fair:

  • Universities
  • Industrial & vocational training centers
  • Hospitality schools
  • Colleges
  • Human resources training canters
  • Language schools
  • Polytechnics
  • Management institutions
  • commercial schools
  • Design schools

The Target

  • High school graduates
  • Working adults
  • Personnel from education field
  • Students
  • Parents & Guardians
City Facts at a Glance

City Facts at a Glance

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  • Capital city of Shaanxi province
  • Largest and most developed city in the central to northwestern part of China
  • A major tourist destination and historical city with a large Chinese Muslim population of close to 100,000
  • Population : 7.5 million
  • GDP per capita : US$3,397.00
  • Total no. of universities and colleges: 62
  • Total no. of students sat for Senior Middle 3 Exam 06: 370,000
  • Total no. of licensed student agencies: 10













  • Southwest China’s commercial capital
  • The 3rd largest city in China and one of the five autonomous cities directly governed by the Federal Government
  • The 3rd largest city in China and one of the five autonomous cities directly governed by the Federal Government
  • Population : 31.4 million (urban area: 12.06 million)