Meraikan Keluarga Bahagia Malaysia Bersempena Dengan Karnival Perak 2003 Print

Touted as the biggest family event of the year, it was hosted by the Perak State Government in collaboration with Yayasan Budi Penyayang Malaysia (PENYAYANG), and managed by Expomal. As part of the nationwide campaign ‘Keluarga Bahagia Nadi Kesejahteraan Negara', a three-day programme, which took place at the Stadium Indera Mulia, Ipoh was the highlight of the annual Karnival Perak 2003. The programme aimed to help promote and nurture the development of ‘wholesome Families' so as to ensure the development and sustenance of Malaysia as a dynamic and progressive nation.

The event, which comprised three major components - a seminar, an exhibition and a family carnival, showcased the wholesome Malaysian families living in peace and harmony.