The Asia TELF International Conference PDF Print E-mail

Jointly organised by the Malaysia English Language Teaching Association (MELTA) and Asia TEFL, this 3-day high level international conference brings to together teachers from around the world with the objective to promote scholarship, share experiences, exchange information and facilitate cross cultural understanding on teaching and the learning of English in Asia.

Asia TELF is a dynamic platform for language promoters, educators and researchers from all over the world to exchange experiences and discuss issues pertaining to learning and teaching English as a second language or foreign language.

Asia-Pacific Regional Conference on Globalisation and SME Development PDF Print E-mail

Organised by Asian and Pacific Development Centre (APDC), Globalisation and SME Development is a collaboration with various organisations including the United Nations Development Programme and Expomal. The Conference is endorsed by 22 member countries of APDC and deals with 3 major agendas in economic integration, interactive networking and good governance of SMEs.


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